Costume Info

Costume requirements for Moroni’s Quest 2013


§ Costumes will need to be worn at all times (except while sleeping). This helps to get into the spirit and frame of mind for the different re-enactments.

§ You will need TWO complete costumes and a satchel for scriptures.

§ Costumes are to be knee length- it is acceptable to cut a short slit up the sides for ease of movement. Please reinforce the slits as the battle scenes are particularly active and side seams are torn easily.

§ Costumes should be large enough to accommodate clothing worn underneath . A t-shirt and knee length shorts are recommended. If the weather is cool you may want to wear jeans, sweatpants, hoodies, etc. These are allowable IF they are worn UNDERNEATH your costume. Mornings and evening can be cold as well so please make sure your costume is large enough.

§ Costumes should be earth tones, blue, greens, browns and natural dyes that would have been in Book of Mormon times. Fabrics that look woven or have stripes are ok, but PLEASE DO NOT use bright coloured fabrics or fabrics with flowers or prints of any kind. Try to think of what the Nephites and Lamanites would have worn.

§ You may choose to have a head covering of some sort. You may wear a headband (around the forehead and tied in the back) or a “shepherd’s” head covering to protect against the sun. Ball caps, toques, knit caps,etc WILL NOT be allowed.

§ You will need TWO good pairs of walking shoes, hiking boots or runners. Sturdy sandals with Velcro or snaps may also be brought but NO flip flops. The terrain is rough and you will be doing a lot of walking.

§ Have fun accessorizing your costume with trims, buttons, sashes, tie belts, contrasting materials, etc., but remember that you are trying to look like the inhabitants at the time of the Book of Mormon!

§ Watch the ‘Testaments” for costume ideas and also the Gospel art kit has many pictures to give ideas.

§ Patterns that can be used McCalls #2339, or Simplicity 5446

§ If making your own costume is not possible for any reason please contact Wendi Salamon at 250-386-1918. Or email

YW Presidency


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